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With a growing video library of over 3,200 videos, you can get advice on
how to succeed in high school, picking the right college, mastering the
college application process, and much, much more.

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High School
Students & Parents

Get advice on how to succeed in high school and prepare yourself for college and a career, from people like you. Hear about fun stuff like Sports, Arts, & Music too.
Parents, watch our Counselor Kit videos to help your students be the best they can be.

College Students

Get advice on how to find the right college, learn about different majors before you declare, and other experiences on campus life, from dorms to studying abroad. Show leadership and give advice. By helping current high school students make better decisions about their future, you’ll be showcasing yourself in a way that a static resume just can’t. Your Mytonomy profile is your “video resume” – employers love team players!


Starting your career, or in the midst of a change? Get advice & learn about different jobs and career paths, from current industry professionals. Looking to give back and inspire the next generation? Mytonomy gives you an audience and platform to easily share your wisdom.

Products for Educators

Enhance your free student accounts on Mytonomy.com, with customized playlists, private video channels, data tracking, and a mobile experience.
Mytonomy offers three distinct products to make it easy to integrate our capability into your existing technology strategy. These products include:
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