About Us


Welcome to Mytonomy

Mytonomy’s mission is to transform society by using technology to solve healthcare’s greatest problems.

We are serial entrepreneurs and executives with Silicon Valley experience from companies like Google and Oracle and have significant experience with FDA and HHS.

We share a proven track record of delivering simple and easy to use software to solve healthcare’s greatest problems.

User-Centric Design

Our solutions are based on direct feedback from patients, caregivers, and clinicians throughout the design and development process. We have used this same “user centric design process” to deliver multiple award winning SAAS products that have gone on to become industry standard in our previous roles.

Patient Education
Patient Education

How Does It Work?

We give you a research-backed, HIPAA compliant, state of the art microlearning patient education platform. We help you create your own microlearning patient education content, or you can re-brand our content which has been peer reviewed. Your patients arrive on time, prepared for their procedure, and happy. Our results are spectacular.


Patient Satisfaction scores with Mytonomy’s Patient Education Center jumped to
over 90% in all 3 key areas:
the content, the ease of use of the system, AND the care
they received from the healthcare system.

How Do Patients Get Access to the System?

There is no app to download. The Patient Education Center is a mobile responsive web site,
designed for delivering video instruction on any mobile device or PC.
We have multiple configurations to deliver superb results:

EMR for Everything

If you are a hospital that uses your EMR today for EVERYTHING, we can easily integrate with
your system. Your patients would receive Mytonomy’s Microlearning Patient Education directly
from within your EMR. Your clinicians would order the patient education they want to send to
their patients or we can make it happen automatically.

Scheduling System

We can integrate with your scheduling system – as soon as a patient schedules their
appointment, they are given a link to their patient education specific to your hospital.

Direct to Us

If your hospital is in the process of implementing or maturing your EMR, we can provide your patients
with direct access to your custom site. It will still feel like your patients are going to your hospital’s site,
and they will still give your hospital the credit for giving them everything they wanted to know, to get
themselves ready for a procedure at your hospital or clinic.


*Mytonomy surveyed dozens of patients across varying levels of education
and income. Virtually all patients went online to look for medical information,
and most were dissatisfied.


1. They don’t want generic patient education from big companies.

2. They prefer to hear from their own doctors and hospital, over searching online – even if they find online information from a well known hospital.

3. Patients trust their hospital and providers. Healthcare is local and personal.