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Mytonomy PLUS

The impact and convenience of Mytonomy, PLUS customized playlists, private video channels, and data tracking.

Give school counselors, teachers, and district leaders a private video channel for your school, with reporting on "who watched what".

Deliver a college counseling curriculum and view Usage Reports.

Use Mytonomy's Counselor Toolkit to jumpstart your online curriculum in less than 60 minutes, or build your own on your schedule.

Students watch videos from the educators they see in the halls, or from alumni. On their smartphone or PC. (All videos approved prior to publishing by Mytonomy's staff.)

Segment your student community and deliver targeted video content by grade level or by custom grouping.

Increase parent engagement, provide counseling delivery data, and show technology leadership.

Watch this video for
a PLUS overview.

Where do students go to learn about colleges and careers? Source: Internal Mytonomy study of first generation students.

For Counselors

Built with the input of practicing school counselors from Fairfax County, Santa Ana Unified, and leading charter school networks, Mytonomy is designed for ALL students from ALL walks of life. Students are united by their adoption of online video and social media – why not reach them where they are?

Mytonomy PLUS is the perfect complement to existing counseling tools, and we feature strong alignment with the ASCA National Model ™. We empower counseling service delivery and provide the data to prove it.

How many of your parents attend your evening events? Now how many have smart phones? Mytonomy PLUS empowers counselors to deliver “blended counseling”. se your smartphone to record your lessons and key messages. Reach busy parents in a tech friendly with our FREE mobile app.

For Teachers

Teachers can utilize Mytonomy PLUS as a tool to increase engagement and provide unique classroom role models.
Mytonomy videos are great for Do-Nows and Advisory periods.

If you find yourself giving your students advice on the next step, you’re not alone. Mytonomy enables you to be prepared for these conversations.

Download our one-pager for TEACHERS on how to use Mytonomy in the classroom.

Mytonomy PLUS Use Case: Course Selection

Problem: Counselors are inundated with the same basic questions from students and parents about course selection, or worse, those students and parents never ask the questions and make poor decisions when choosing courses.

Solution: Mytonomy PLUS lets counselors push videos that explain course selection to students and parents who can watch videos on a computer or a smartphone on their own time.

Imagine if your parent survey results looked like this.

75 icon

of parents better understood what courses were available to their student(s)

80 icon

of parents were less stressed about their student(s) choosing courses

Sample video topics for Course Selection:

  • What credits transfer from 8th grade to high school?

  • How much homework is AP Psychology?

  • How do you balance your courses?

  • What should rising 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders know about course selection?

  • What are graduation requirements?

Admin Console View

With the console page you can assign video playlists to different groups of students
at your school.

Tracking & Analytics

Use the usage report feature to keep track of assigned playlists and see which videos
have been watched and what percentage of assignment have been completed.

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