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Applications: Advice to Parents

The process is stressful for parents and students that much is clear. Here's a bit of advice from a student to parents about how to help us navigate the admissions process!


Hey I’m a 2010 graduate of TJ and now I’m a student at the College of William & Mary, and I want to talk to parents specifically about the application process from a boy’s perspective, from a girl’s perspective, and what that entails.

From what I’ve seen and I could be wrong and making generalizations here, is that boys need a little more help. When my brother went through the process he didn’t know what he wanted, he didn’t know where to look, he had no idea about dates or deadlines, or how to write a letter and put that in the mail, that concept was totally foreign to him. My mom definitely had to handhold him through the process a little bit.

Whereas I from junior year had already made my list and started planning and didn’t want any help from my parents, although they sometimes did have good advice that I didn’t want to listen to. So I think that, parents just know, if you see a kid getting started and looking involved and being active in the college process, give us the space to do that, to be an adult as much as possible, at the old age of 17 or 18.

But at the same time, we’re gonna need help with the details and deadlines and just remind us, but know that we’re going to act surly because we’re nervous about the process. And usually my response is to act cranky when my mom reminds me about things because I’m stressed about it, and just be sensitive to that and know we’re trying our best and we’re gonna try to be sensitive to you wanting us to do our best and wanting us to get into the best school possible.


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